What People are Saying

“We were so excited to have Royal Thrones Mobile restrooms at my son’s wedding in September.  This was the bride’s most important request!  Karen was so great to work with- she worked with us to make sure all the details were taken care of for the property.  They delivered the beautiful luxury restrooms and they were complete with a choice selection of music, flowers and all the necessities needed. All the guests absolutely loved this extra touch to the wedding! The wedding was at my brother’s farm and it was important to keep the guests out of their private home- so this was the perfect solution.  I would highly recommend Royal Thrones for any event- it adds that memorable extra touch!”
~ Mary Lou

“Karen and Rod were fantastic! They Royal Throne bathrooms were a bigger hit then the wedding itself! Absolutely beautiful, very clean, amenities included, tv’s, music! Couldn’t be happier, so glad we had them for the wedding. It’s just unfortunate that our guests forgot about the wedding part and all we hear about now are the bathrooms!”
~ Mark F.

“Royal Throne Restrooms! This was one of the best vendors I’ve had the pleasure of working with while in Washington. I was a coordinator on a large Fox reality show in the mountains and we needed heated, flushable toilets for the crew (mostly for morale). These toilets are nicer than anything I’ve seen in LA. They had beautiful decor, feminine products, music, etc which was such a relief when the rest of your day was spent standing in the mud in rainy/snowy weather.
More important than even the quality of the product was the quality of service. We were in an extremely remote location with a LOT of people. Karen and Rob were available to us all the time and were able to connect us to other great local vendors that could keep us going that winter. I shudder to think what my life would’ve been like on that show had I not found them.
I would book them immediately. The only reason I would want to go back to that mountain for a second season is the idea of getting to work with my Royal Throne buddies again.”
~ Jessie M., Leftfield Pictures

“I’m so glad that we got the royal treatment! Royal Throne stole the show! Opening day of our event and the most talked about were the toilets! The ambiance was set with candlelight and music. Everyone was impressed and it made our event even more exciting! If you want to impress your guest – give them the royal treatment with Royal Throne!”
~ Dawn Hartwell, Co Founder of PVEvents, Market at Van Mall

“It was perfect – everything worked out beautifully and we  couldn’t have asked for a better day 🙂 And I have to tell you, we got SO MANY compliments (and facebook and instagram posts) about how nice the bathrooms were. I loved that you set them up with some plants and everything too, that was a nice touch.”
~ Evyan J

“This is the perfect solution for any special event. The owners were great to work with and had everything setup and removed as planned without us needing to worry about anything. The facilities were very nice. Spacious, clean and just like using the restroom in a house, so much better than a porta potty. Our guests were comfortable and happy, and we didn’t need to worry about traffic in and out of our house and overloading our septic system. Thank you!”
~ Shannon N

“My daughter received as a gift for her wedding the Royal Throne restroom rental. I was happily surprised to find that it was one of the best gifts ever! The Royal Throne restroom was like stepping into my own bathroom at home. Sparkling clean, music and many extras. It has all the comforts of home. Thrilled with Royal Throne Restrooms!”
~ Brenda

“My husband and I had our wedding ceremony and reception on a farm in Silverton, Oregon. We chose to work with Royal Throne because of their high quality product for a fair price. Many of our friends and family raved about the “Porta-Lisa” and how it was the nicest porta-potty that they had ever been in! One of my dear friends even described it as “magical”. Everything from the booking to the installation and break-down was easy. Karen worked with us to find the perfect spot for the unit and let us know exactly what her team needed to set it up. They even brought their own trees and shrubs to place around it. We were very happy with Royal Throne and would recommend their services to everyone.”
~ Betty L

“We loved the “Royal Throne” porta potty! Truly a fantastic concept and we were highly appreciative of it. Worked great, clean, plenty of room – thanks for the awesome service!”
~ Danielle & Michael

“The restroom trailer was a hit! People loved that they were clean and smelled good and looked just like a powder room in someone’s home. So glad we found you!”
~ Barb J.